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EMERGENCY RESPONSE                   

Launched in 2013


In 2011, the existent GBV, child protection, and sexual and reproductive health needs in Lebanon were further exacerbated by the emergency situation resulting from the crisis in neighbouring Syria. In order to reduce these risks and improve the quality of multi-sectoral assistance for women and girl survivors or at risk of GBV among host and Syrian refugee populations, ABAAD launched the Emergency Response Programme.

Within the framework of this programme, ABAAD has trained numerous actors (medical and forensic doctors, ISF, lawyers and judges) with the aim of improving the legal and health sector services, especially in relation to the clinical management of rape; carried out awareness-raising and community activities aiming to empower women and girls; built the capacities of GBV and CP service providers working with different local and INGOs; and worked towards strengthening the referral pathway in the GBV sector.



Phase II of National Consultation on Women, Peace, and Security 

In partnership with WILPF and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, ABAAD organised the “Second National Consultation Meeting on Women, Peace and Security".



Candle Vigil in Solidarity with Syrian Women and Children



Iraqi Refugees: "Hiya wa Huwa" 



“Ana Ahlam”: GBV in Palestinian Refugee Camps (documentary film)

In partnership with UNRWA and the General Union of Palestinian Women in Lebanon, ABAAD launched “Ana Ahlam,” a 15-minute documentary that depicts the lives of Palestinian women victims of GBV in refugee camps in Lebanon.



Tools Development 

ABAAD has produced various Information, Education and Communication materials (IEC) that have been adapted to the context of refugees from Syria in Lebanon.  



How to Organise Support Groups for Women Survivors of GBV?

ABAAD conducted “How to Organise Support Groups for Women Victims of GBV Using a Survivor-Centred Approach,” in the North and in the in Bekaa with the aim of reinforcing the capacity and skills of participants in planning and facilitating support group sessions with female survivors of GBV, using a survivor-centred approach.



GBV Case Management in Emergency and Post-Emergency Situations (CMiE)

In order to develop the capacity of frontline actors working with SGBV survivors in emergency settings, ABAAD, in partnership with UNICEF, conducted two five-day GBV CMiE trainings (in the North and the Bekaa) and one refresher training (in Tyr) for social workers working with women and girl survivors of GBV in Lebanon, from both refugee and local communities.



Addressing GBV and SRHR To Enhance Syrian Refugee Men And Women’s Well-being

 ABAAD, supported by HIVOS, and in partnership with MARSA Sexual Health Centre and the Syrian League for Citizenship, contributed to building an environment more conducive to the enhancement of Syrian women and men refugees’ well-being through improving community awareness on GBV and SRHR issues. 



Direct Interventions And Services To Syrian Refugee Women And Men

 In partnership with DANIDA, this project targets two main sectoral levels: on one hand, it addresses direct interventions with refugees coming from Syria and providing Syrian women (and men) with individualised services.



Ending Gender-Based Violence

In order to put an end to GBV, ABAAD, in partnership with UNICEF End the European Union, has developed different type of training of trainers using a survivor-centred approach.   





Shifting Sands


Marriage is not a game (عربي)


Maha's Story (عربي)


رسائل حماية

للمرأة السورية في لبنان...كرامة، رعاية، حماية!


Syrian Women and Girls - GBV Rapid Assessment

Syrian women and girls coming to Lebanon are at increased risk of multiple forms of violence due to generalized insecurity and limited access to support. IRC’s rapid GBV assessment highlighted the myriad and severe protection issues women and girls faced before leaving Syria, and since arriving in Lebanon.


دليل الإرشادات الصحّية

يهدف هذا الكتيّب الى نشر ثقافة التوعية الصحّية لدى النازحين واللآجئين والوقاية من الأمراض والحوادث


How to organize six support group sessions?

For women and adolescent girls at risk or survivors of GBV using a survivor-centered approach.


كيفية تنظيم ٦ جلسات الدعم الذاتي

للنساء والفتيات المراهقات في خطر أو الناجيات من العنف القائم على النوع ا جتماعي باستخدام نهج يركز على الناجيات


ميزان العدل


قصّة فتاة بلا "ة" ـ


Syria GBV Rapid Assessment

The qualitative assessment collected information from Syrian specialists providing direct services to local communities in 13 governorates, and captures both, community perceptions and service provider attitudes and practices. 




Marriage Is Not a Game