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MEN CENTRE – year of establishment: 2012

Since its establishment, ABAAD’s Men Center (MC) has been engaging men and providing support at the individual, family, couples and community level, with the aim of promoting non-violent behavior and reinforcing positive familial and social relationships. The ABAAD MC Mental Health team, through unconditional positive regard and dialogue, aids beneficiaries to dispel singular and patriarchal notions of Masculinity and commit to healthy, non-violent and gender equitable Masculinities upon which they can model their lives. The MC promotes human rights, gender equality and non-violent behaviors and works towards informing national action plans and policies.

Facts and figures

Number of Men we served in 2022

(Till October 2022)

Anger and Stress Management for men and boys

Anger and stress management helps a father regain self-confidence and his family’s trust 

Jamil is a husband and father who describes himself as an emotional person. He prioritizes his family over everything else. A hard-working employee, he suffered, like many others in the past 2 years, from the collapse of the Lebanese economy. He explains: “with the crisis, I witnessed the dismissal of most of my colleagues. I arrived at work every day anxious that it would be my last day. It began to reflect negatively on my personality, I was always tense, temperamental, and nervous. Things escalated and reflected negatively on my family, my wife and children, whom I love more than anything. My children started avoiding me. Things were slipping away from me.” Concerned, Jamil’s wife started attending psychosocial support sessions at ABAAD center, which helped her a lot. She was able to convince her husband to visit the ABAAD’s Men Center. He stated: “The sessions on anger management on how to deal with stress helped me regain some self confidence in my abilities and skills. It’s not magic but it did help. I became more aware of the tools for dismantling problems and dealing with pressures through positive thinking. I didn’t solve all the issues in my life, but we were able to improve things in our family. My wife and I are now more supportive of each other and we play complementary roles to raise our children”.


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