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Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights 

Launched in 2016






The SRHR and Sexualities Programme focuses on sexualities and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) issues as essential means to holistically address social factors that contribute to GBV against women, men, girls, boys, and persons with alternative sexualities.

Since its establishment, the programme's work has focused on the subtopics of girls’ autonomy and agency, as well as combating sexual gender-based violence.

The programme operates through developing resources (particularly on Early, Forced, Child Marriage, as well as SRHR), enhancing the clinical response to sexual assault survivors, and contributing to ABAAD’s overall work with behavioural change models. 



Supporting Child Survivors 

This practical guide, developed for counsellors in UNRWA’s education programme in Lebanon, was developed following a training entitled “Caring for Child Survivors,” as well as an assessment of capacity-building needs conducted with counsellors in the UNRWA education programme between April and August 2014. 



Puppet - Making Workshops And Exhibitions 

In 2014, in collaboration with UNICEF and the IRC, ABAAD held puppet-making workshops for 35 Syrian refugee and Affected Lebanese young girls and adolescents (ages 9 – 17) to empower them to express their GBV-related struggles through puppetry.



Mariage Is Not A Game 

Within the framework of the European Union-funded project “Ending Gender-Based Violence: Towards Standardisation and Strengthening of Services and Direct Response,” ABAAD, in partnership with UNICEF, produced “Marriage is Not a Game,” an animation video highlighting the risks associated with early marriage. 



Addressing GBV and SRHR To Enhance Syrian Refugee Men And Women’s Well-being

ABAAD, supported by HIVOS, in partnership with MARSA Sexual Health Centre and the Syrian League for Citizenship, contributed to building an environment more conducive to the enhancement of Syrian refugee women and men's well-being through improving community awareness on GBV and SRHR issues.



Clinical Management of Rape (CMR)                           

In order to develop the capacity of frontline actors working with SGBV survivors in emergency settings, ABAAD, in partnership with UNICEF, conducted facility-based training on CMR in 14 different hospitals and primary health care centers (PHCs) in the Bekaa, North, South, and Mount Lebanon governorates.    






في حال التعرض لإعتداء جنسي

ملصق توعوي يحتوي على ارشادات أولية خاصة بحفظ السلامة الجسدية والنفسية


Marriage is not a game (عربي)


من حقك


Posters - SRHR for girls (عربي)


التزويـج المبكـر للفتيـات فـي ظـل ا نتقـال الديمقراطـي والنزاعـات المسـحلة

يتضمـن هـذا الكتيـب أوراق العمـل البحثيـة التـي تـم تقديمهـا فـي النـدوة الإقليميـة التـي عقـدت فـي بيـروت فـي تشـرين الأول/أكتوبـر 2015، بعنـوان: «التزويـج المبكـر للفتيـات فـي ظـل الإنتقـال الديمقراطـي والنزاعـات المسـحلة»، والتـي قـام بإعدادهـا وعرضهـا خبـراء وخبيـرات فـي كل مـن مصـر ولبنـان وتونـس واليمـن وفلسـطين حـول ظاهـرة الـزواج المبكـر بأبعـاده الحقوقيـة والثقافيـة والحمائيـة والصحيـة  

Regional Seminar on Child Marriage during democratic transition and armed conflicts

This booklet comprises of the presentations and papers that were presented and discussed during the seminar that was held in Beirut in October 2015, titled “Regional Seminar on ChildMarriage during democratic transition and armed conflicts”, and which was presented by experts from Egypt, Lebanon, Tunis, Yemen and Palestine on Child Marriage and its cultural and health consequences.


في حال التعرّض لإعتداء جنسي

تحتوي هذه المطوية على إرشادات أولية خاصة بحفظ السلامة الجسدية والنفسية


دليل الإرشادات الصحّية

يهدف هذا الكتيّب الى نشر ثقافة التوعية الصحّية لدى النازحين واللآجئين والوقاية من الأمراض والحوادث


قصّة زهرة




Marriage Is Not a Game


As We Grow Up... (for boys)


(كل ما نكبر (بالعربية الفصحى


CMR Educational Video



Launching of the Respond Lebanon app

27 Feb, 2018

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