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About the Toolkit

In line with the mission and strategies of ABAAD on reducing violence against women and girls in the MENA region, and within the lack of appropriate Arabic culturally – adapted training tools o decreasing violence against women and girls ABAAD developed the toolkit entitled “Basic Life Skills for Women & Girls at risk or survivors of GBV.”

This toolkit is considered the FIRST of its kind in the Arab world and the MENA region, as it aims to serve as a specialized resource for service providers working within the psychosocial field on interactive techniques for working with Women and Girls at risk or Survivors of GBV.


  • Support and Empower Women & Girls on concepts of protection and prevention of abuse and violence to which they may be subjected
  • Empower women and girls to become active members in building their local communities
  • Strengthen community values that are the base of healthy and non-violent family dynamics


The toolkit is comprised of seven major themes with 36 sessions. These sessions were suggested by and developed with women and girls survivors of violence, and was tested and validated with experts and frontline workers within the field of psychosocial support.
Self-respect, self-realization, decision-making, identification of one’s emotions, social conformity, sexual abuse, rape, economic empowerment, health, are few of many topics within the toolkit that build the necessary life skills for women and girls so that they are able to regain control of their lives and move forward, all-the-while being self-sufficient and self-reliant.


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