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Launched in 2011



What does it mean to be “a man” in Lebanon and in the MENA region? In what ways does our cultural, historical, economic, political, and social context impose certain notions of ‘Manhood’? Do these notions of manhood promote partnership and equality with women, or discrimination and violence against women? How can men become allies in the goal of Gender Equality in Lebanon and in the MENA region?


These are just a few of the fundamental questions that gave birth to the Masculinities Program at Abaad. 


A pioneer effort in Lebanon and the MENA region, Masculinities and Engaging Men and Boys in EVAW is currently a cross-cutting component across all ABAAD programming. The program targets men and women in both civil society organizations and in the general population, to understand masculinities in modern day Lebanon and throughout the MENA Region. The program critically critiques and opposes the Patriarchal gender socialization of men which is a root cause of all forms of GBV in our area of the world. The overall aim is to transform the way men and women understand “manhood” to versions that are more gender equitable, non-violent, and congruent with Universal Human Rights beliefs. 


The program engages a diversity of people including stakeholders and decision-makers (such as policy-makers, religious leaders, judges, Internal Security Forces (ISF), and lawyers), civil society stakeholders, local Feminist organizations, and adolescent boys, girls, women, and men from local and refugee communities. 

The holistic interventions in the program include, but are not limited to, the development of resources, capacity building, research, psychological service provision, community outreach and engagement, awareness sessions, and local, national, and global advocacy and lobbying.



Masculinity and Ending Violence against Women in the Middle East and Abroad Conference



ABAAD dialogues with Religious Leaders to end GBV in the MENA Region

In its continuous efforts to involve religious leaders in the efforts to EVAW, ABAAD held in 2013 the regional roundtable, “What Roles do Religious Leaders have in ending GBV?” at the Crowne Plaza – Beirut, in partnership with OXFAM GB and the Forum for Development, Culture, and Dialogue.



Stress and Anger Management Workshops

In collaboration w i t h t h e I M C , ABAAD conducted a n u m b e r o f Stress and Anger M a n a g e m e n t w o r k s h o p s for young Iraqi and Lebanese men.



"Their Influence on My Life" - Booklet 



Masculinity and Violence Against Women Among Lebanese and Iraqis in Lebanon

With the support of the IMC, ABAAD conducted in 2012 a study with Lebanese residents as we as Iraqi refugees residing in Lebanon with the aim of giving a clear and accurate image of women and men's perceptions in general...



Men in The Shadow - Documentary 

"Men in the shadow" is a 2012 documentary film that portrays three men from different socioeconomic backgrounds, who have all challenged gendered socialization and become role models to other men in the efforts of combatting violence against women.   



How to Engage Men Policy makers in the Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW) - Booklets

In collaboration with Oxfam International and Asuda –Kurdistan, ABAAD developed four booklets in the context of involving men in eliminating VAW. The booklets provide essential keys for workers in the
field of women’s rights in the MENA region in general and Kurdistan in particular on engaging men in the fields of law (judges and lawyers), politics (politicians), religion (religious leaders), and security (police).



Approaches of Working With Religious Leaders In Ending Violence Against Women

ABAAD, supported by KVINFO, developed a manual detailing different approaches civil society organisations working on women’s issues can use to engage religious leaders in combating GBV and ending violence against women.



Capacity Building

Under the Masculinities Programme, ABAAD conducts local and regional capacity building trainings on masculinities and engaging men in ending violence against women for numerous local and international NGOs across Lebanon, in addition to gender-sensitive active non-violence trainings for the WPP.

We also conduct awareness-raising activities on using a masculinities approach for women’s empowerment and women’s human rights.



Men Centre

ABAAD launched our pioneer Men Centre in June 2012.



"Programme P" A manual for engaging men in fatherhood


Based on the adaptation of Programme P to the local and regional context, ABAAD conducted a number of trainings on using Programme P to work on engaging men in active positive fatherhood and caregiving, during the entire time period covering their partner’s pregnancies through their children’s early years.














MenEngage Network Lebanon

ABAAD, in partnership with the MenEngage Global Network, Sonke Gender Justice Network, and the International Medical Corps, kicked off the MenEngage Lebanon Country Network with three cycles of trainings over the course of three months on gender, masculinities, and engaging men in work on ending violence against women.




As winners of the First Womanity Foundation Award, which supports innovative programmes aiming to end violence against women and girls globally, ABAAD, in partnership with Promundo, organised the launching ceremony of Programme Ra in July 2016.




Programme Ra - English


Working with Fathers - Programme P (عربي)


Working with men - Let's Unite (عربي)


Men in my life (عربي)


Men Centre - Brochure (عربي)


Men Centre - Flyer 1 (عربي)


Men Centre - Flyer 2 (عربي)


Men Centre - Flyer (عربي)


Men Centre - Flyer 4 (عربي)


Practical Guidelines on Engaging Men Against Gender-Based Violence and for the Promotion of Gender Equality - English


Knowledge booklet on how to engage the clergy in eliminating violence against women in Lebanon (عربي)


Working with fathers - Programme P (English)


Programme Ra (عربي)


Domestic violence - Men speak (عربي)


Understanding Masculinities - English


IMAGES MENA - A Qualitative STUDY - English


IMAGES MENA - A Qualitative STUDY (عربي)


Masculinitiy and Violence Against Women Among Lebanese and Iraqis in Lebanon - English


Masculinitiy and Violence Against Women Among Lebanese and Iraqis in Lebanon (عربي)

Practical Guidelines on Engaging Men Against Gender-Based Violence and for the Promotion of Gender Equality (عربي)


IMAGES || Discourses & Reflections from the Conference Lebanon


Understanding Masculinities || (عربي)


Let's Unite! - Working With Men

Engaging men in Combating Violence Against Women


العنف الأسـري في روايات رجال يتكلمون: استنتاجات وتضميناتها العملية

 تـســتــعــرض هــــذه الــمــقــالــة بــعــضــاً مـــن نــتــائــج دراســــــة نــوعــيــة تـــنـــدرج فـــي إطـــــار إسـتـراتـيـجـيـة  (Men Engage)  شـمل الـرجـال في سعي المنظمات النسائية اللبنانية للعمل على مناهضة العنف الأســــري 




رجال في الظل - Men in the Shadow


مستعدين نسمع حكي (الجزء الثاني) مركز الرجال Mest'edeen Nesma' Haki (Part 2) ll


"Mest'edeen Nesma' Haki"- Launch of IMC & ABAAD Men Center


Program Ra


video Masculinities

Young men and women from Lebanon gathered to discuss the results of the IMAGES survey conducted by UN Women and Promundo with local research partners. For more information on the study please visit:


Violence Against Women in Lebanon: A Dialogue between Religious Leaders and Civil Society