Safe Line/الخط الآمن

+961 81 78 81 78

Al Dar/الدار

+961 76 06 06 02

Men Center/مركز الرجال

+961 71 28 38 20

Complaint/للتقدم بشكوى

+961 81 696575

"Jina Al-Dar" services

In order to mitigate the adverse effects of marginalisation and exclusion on health, gender-equality, non-violence and social cohesion, the "Jina Al-Dar" project's services include: 

  • Awareness, education and information sessions on women and girls legal rights;
  • Awareness, education and information sessions on women and girls sexual and reproductive rights and health;
  • Referral to the relevant psycho-social support, legal and medical services provided by ABAAD's centers, according to the needs; 
  •  Psycho-social support recreational activities targetting boys and girls; 
  • Recreational activities targeting families, women and men, including interactive theater, puppetry, Screening of documentaries;
  • Others.


As a volunteer, my role might have been miniscule in comparison to others; however, the impact it left on me is massive. Jina Al Dar proves itself as a beautiful endeavor into the human condition of marginalized societies. I’m extremely grateful to have taken part in such a giving experience.

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"...and remembered a trip to a different refugee camp a few week backs. Here, a mother invited me and a few other volunteers into her tent, where her 9-year-old son was dying from a fever as a result of the cold. I felt like an intruder, since there was nothing for us to do except sit and wait with the boy and her mother. All we could do was to be there. We asked the mother again if she was sure that she wanted us there, and she answered: “I want you here. It makes me feel almost as if the world hasn’t forgotten about us”


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“Volunteering with Abaad MENA’s Jina Al-Dar program was a truly rewarding and eye-opening experience. Over two days – in both rain and sunshine – we visited four informal tent settlements in the Beqaa valley. With mud on my shoes, I met many people who were Syrian refugees, with some having lived there for seven years. The smiles spreading across the children’s faces as they danced and sang on the bus is truly a delight to see. You can’t help but smile back. For a moment, the daily hardships are forgotten about." 

-Anna, Volunteer from New Zealand

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دليل الإرشادات الصحّية

كتيب يسلط الضوء على الموضوعات المتعلقة بالصحة العامة وحقوق الإنسان والتدابير الوقائية الواجب اتخاذها


Jina Al Dar Evaluation Summary 2017-2018

Jina Al Dar flyer 2017 2018 target highlighting successes, challenges and recommendations 


ملخّص تقييم مشروع جينا الدار ٢٠١٧ - ٢٠١٨

مشروع خدمة الباص المتنّقل للوقاية والحد من كافة اشكال العنف ضد النساء والفتيات في لبنان 




Jina Al-Dar short video

“Jina Al Dar” program was selected among the best ten innovative initiatives worldwid to advance the Sustainable Development Goals