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Marzio Fiorini

Marzio Fiorini is an international jewelry designer originally from Brazil, living between Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona.

Over the course of 11 years, he has developed and perfected a unique rubber texture using the unusual material of PVC to create fashionable, exotic, and matchless artistic jewelry.
Marzio’s passion for sustainability has inspired his choice of material, production, and relations. Thus, he uses recycled rubber which is melted into sheets and stamped with metal stencils, producing efficient results with little waste material.

Marzio assumes that the connection between nature and human beings is inherent to simple daily actions, transforming them into art; this is reflected in his pieces.
The concept of art jewelry made from PVC with a rubber texture has brought him worldwide acclaim, and his creations can be found in the museums of MoMa (San Francisco), Contemporary Art (Chicago), The American Art (New York) and The George Pompidou Centre (Paris) among others.