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Al Dar/الدار

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Men Center/مركز الرجال

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Advocacy and Policy Development 

Year of Establishment: ????? 



ABAAD uses policy dialogue and advocacy as a mechanism to promote an equitable and violence-free society. Knowing the pattern of power distribution in dialogue settings, ABAAD is committed to setting positive channels with community leaders, religious leaders, policy makers, and the media. We strongly believe that promoting gender equality requires the comprehensive and coordinated efforts of a number of actors and as such, we consider all stakeholders and target groups as full and integral partners to ensure the development of non-discriminatory laws, policies and legislation.

MAJOR PROJECTS UNDER Advocacy and Policy Development


#RecolorYourLife | أعيدي تلوين حياتك#



Deyman Waata! ABAAD campaign for 16 Days of Activism to end violence against women and girls 2021



#Mesh_Basita Campaign Against Sexual Harassment



Positive Fatherhood Campaign



Press Release



حملة مين الفلتان - ٢٠١٨ Shame on who campaign - 2018



“A White Dress Doesn't Cover the Rape”

- 16 Days of Activism against GBV - 2016



International Women's Day Night Cycling Ride 

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, in 2014, ABAAD, in collaboration with CyclingCircle and Bike Generation, organised a night cycling ride to demand gender equality and safety for all women and girls both, on the streets, and at home.



"Put Your Hand With Hers, Not On Her, Violence Against Women is A Crime"

In the light of the killing incidents that took the lives of several women in Lebanon, ABAAD and World Vision launched a new media campaign with a public service announcement carrying the message “Put your hand with hers, not on her - violence against women is a crime!” Through a “suspenseful” approach, the PSA addresses the role men can adopt in order to transform the concepts of masculinity that bound and dictate men’s behaviour, focusing on men being true allies in combating violence against women.



The Missing Of Lebanon, Advocacy and Awareness Project 

Act for the Disappeared, in partnership with ABAAD and supported by the European Union, launched a project to empower the families of Lebanon’s forcibly disappeared, and to help them through their struggles to discover the destinies of their loved ones.



Beirut Marathon Runs Against Child Marriage 

ABAAD, Esposa, OXFAM, UNICEF and Rotana joined efforts to run against child marriage at the Beirut International Marathon 2014. 


Setting up and Co-Chairing the National Technical Task Force To End GBV against Women and Chidren 

Since early 2012, ABAAD has established and been co-chairing the “National Technical Task Force to End GBV in Lebanon (NTTF)”, chaired by H.E the Minister of Social Affairs and this relationship with the ministry comes as part of its belief that governments have a pri­mary role in eliminating GBV and sustaining efforts in this field.



“The Story Behind the Story”

- 16 Days oF Activism Against GBV - 2015



ABAAD on MTV - Celebrities Duets 

In 2015, Lebanese TV presenter and radio talk show hostess Sana Nasr took part in MTV’s Celebrity Duets, which featured a number of public figures from the MENA region. Each celebrity chose one cause that they wanted to support by donating their winnings from the show.



Public Engagement

Our Solidarity Bracelets...




 “Through Violence… Nobody comes out ahead"

- 16 Days of Activism Against GBV - 2014 



"“May God Help Her…” does Not Actually Help Her"

- 16 Days of Activism against GBV - 2013





"We Believe"

- ABAAD 16 Days Of Activism Campaign -  2012



“Beating is… shameful”

- 16 Days of Activism against GBV - 2011



أنا قصتي قصة - بوستر

بوستر ترويجي ضمن حملة الـ١٦ يوم من النضال للقضاء على العنف الموجه ضدالنساء والفتيات  - ٢٠١٥


أنا قصتي قصة - بروشور

بروشور ترويجي ضمن حملة الـ١٦ يوم من النضال للقضاء على العنف الموجه ضدالنساء والفتيات  - ٢٠١٥


العنف ضد المرأة من اي نوع كان، انتهاك لكرامتها!

بوستر من حملة "نؤمن-شركاء ضد العنف ضد النساء" ضمن حملة الستة عشر يوما عام ٢٠١٢

"A White Dress Doesnt Cover the Rape" Campaign - English


الأبيض ما بيغطي الإغتصاب

 منشور توعوي حول الغاء المادة ٥٢٢


We Believe

Article highlighting Abaad’s strategy and experience in engaging Religious Leaders in a nation-wide media campaign during the 16 days of activism


المؤبد الو والحياة إلها

 بوستر ترويجي لحملة الحياة الها!


المؤبد إلو، الحياة الها!

منشور ترويجي لحملة #المؤبد ـ الو ـ الحياة ـ الها 


دليل تدريبي للإعلاميين/ات

إن هذا الدليل معّد لتدريب الإعلاميين/ات حول سبل التغطيّة الإعلامية الحسّاسة لقضايا النساء والفتيات الناجيات من العنف القائم على النوع الإجتماعي.


Engaging religious leaders to advance women’s rights

This report  summarizes different case studies from prevention+ partners working on engaging religious leaders for ending violence against women and GBV


Digital Activism and the Feminist Movement

There have been countless debates over the efficiency of data activism, in the sphere of feminism as well as for leftist activism more broadly. This policy paper offers a number of recommendations on the subject matter, including Promoting further understanding of behavioral change and information and communications technology creating guidelines or manual for ethical digital activism, educating women & girls on digital security


promoting positive parenthood

Promoting Positive Parenting, Supporting Gender-Equal Relationships and Strengthening Active Fathers’ Involvement in Early Childhood Development




The story behind the story


Put Your Hand With Hers, Not On Her!


ABAAD-Men Saying No to Violence Against Women Campaign


ABAAD-Men Saying No to Violence Against Women Campaign #2


'We Believe...' Campaign | '...حملة 'نؤمن


"We Believe..." | Highlights of the Campaign


"We Believe" Campaign Highlighted on MTV ll Interview with Mr. Melkar Khoury


Darb el Habib...


"Beating is..Shameful" National Campaign, Lebanon-TVC 3/ Slap


"Beating is..Shameful" National Campaign, Lebanon-TVC 1/ Hanging


الاغتصاب جريمة - ما تلبسونا 522


Parliament Sit In || 522 Campaign


President Michel Aoun unveiled monument, by ABAAD, dedicated to the victims of domestic violence in Lebanon.


Life For Life - 16 Days of Activism Campaign 2017


Marathon 2017


Marathon 2016


Celebration - Abolishing Article 522


Abaad Stunt || Life For Life



بِقولوا... #حماية#دعم#تمكين للإستشارة على خط الأمان ٢٤/٢٤: 81 78 81 78



Undress 522: An Installation by Mireille Honein & ABAAD

26 Apr, 2017

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Article 522 Abolished in Lebanon

17 Aug, 2017

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President Michel Aoun unveiled monument, by ABAAD, dedicated to the victims of domestic violence in Lebanon.

27 Nov, 2017

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Abaad Launches "Life For Life" Campaign for 16 Days of Activism 2017

28 Nov, 2017

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Once again ABAAD wins the "Best Message Award" Beirut Marathon Association

04 Dec, 2017

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Undress 522 Campaign Awarded Two Lion Awards

05 Dec, 2017

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Some Prison Cells Should Remain Closed! 3 Homes. 3 Secrets.

08 Dec, 2017

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