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Welcome to the "Playing for Gender Equality" Program

Greetings! We would like to begin by thanking you for your interest in youth’s education on concepts of Gender Equality.

This page includes several resources developed and tested in the Middle East, for that purpose that might be helpful for your work in this field!


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The Activities' Manual

This manual is composed of fun and interactive games for children aged 8 to 12 years old. The ten (10) games will facilitate the learning of important concepts and terminology pertaining to Gender Equality and they address four (4) thematic areas including: Gender roles, Partnership, Gender equality and Violence. More importantly, during/after the games have been played, it allows the trainer the space to stipulate further discussion about the various concepts.

We hope you find the exercises within helpful, and above all effective and inspiring for the children with whom you work!

For more Interactive tools, you can find animated videos for four (4) selected games out of the ten (10) from the toolkit on the next page!



To run activities with kids you can use the following four videos in addition to the toolkit.

Each of the four games addresses one the thematic areas: Gender roles, Partnership, Gender equality and Gender Based Violence.

• To teach children about Gender Based Violence, use “Lego Game”

• To teach children about Gender Equality, use “Legged Race”

• To teach children about Partnership and Working Together, use “United We Stand”

• To teach children about of Gender and Gender Roles, use “Bucket Challenges"



Referential Guides

Are you a teacher or a parent? To know more about how to introduce Gender Equality to children check out the respective guidebooks.

Facilitator Guide Parents Guide

Other tools

To add more fun to your sessions... Download and Print.

Coloring Book Poster Stickers


Ultimate Fun, Ultimate gaming

Save Me is a mobile app game designed for kids (8-12 years)
It is a fun game to learn new things about partnership, gender and protection.

Remember! RUN AWAY from the bad icons! RUN TOWARDS the good icons! Keep on collecting more hearts!

Download it now from the below buttons:-)