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Why “Naseej?”

“NASEEJ” is the translation of mechanisms in need of strengthening on both national and grassroots levels with the goal of ensuring social and protective structural cohesion, whilst simultaneously strengthening partnerships with stakeholders in the GBV sector prevention.

“Naseej” aims to respond to structural gaps in the GBV sector prevention in order to ensure a better quality of life, free of violence, for all women and children in Lebanon. To this end, this project mainly aims to strengthen national prevention, empowerment and protection mechanisms, as well as inter-sectoral partnerships with the respective ministries (such as the Ministry of Social Affairs, MoSA, the Ministry of Public Health, MoPH, and the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities, MoI), and other local and national organizations and bodies working in this domain in Lebanon. 

What is “Naseej" ?

“Naseej” works on developing sustainable response structures to GBV prevention by means of enabling multi-sectoral governmental intervention strategies and engaging all major stakeholders in society, including ministries, local and national GBV service providers, UN Agencies, as well as NGOs responding to the Syrian Crisis.

What comprises “Naseej?”

-        equipping National inter-sectoral structures to respond to the GBV needs of women on the medium and long-term

-        enhancing gender-sensitive and quality media coverage on issues related to women in conflict/post conflict setups

-        Improving access to quality and inclusive services for women, men, and children survivors of, or at risk of GBV

-        Enhancing access for youth to knowledge and services platform to positively discuss sexual education, including SRHR, Clinical Management of Rape (CMR), and Child Marriage.

“Naseej” focuses on:

-        Engaging women and men from host and refugee communities in instilling concepts of non-violence, respect and partnership

-        Enabling skill-sharing between experts in different domains and front-liners working towards better response for survivors of violence

-        Working with decision-makers and legislators to strengthen forms of prevention of and protection from GBV



Rights of survivors of sexual assault and human trafficking || Poster (عربي)



Rights of survivors of sexual assault and human trafficking || Flyer (عربي)



Naseej Booklet (عربي)



Naseej Booklet



CoC (عربي)

On media coverage of gender-based violence issues



CEDAW (عربي)

Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women



Human Trafficking Memo (عربي)



دليل تدريبي

دليل تدريبي حول سبل التغطية الإعلامية الحسّاسة لقضايا النساء والفتيات الناجيات من العنف القائم على النوع الإجتماعي