Safe Line/خط آمن

+961 81 78 81 78

Al Dar/الدار

+961 76 06 06 02

Men Center/مركز الرجال

+961 71 28 38 20

Direct Services including the delivery of specialised GBV-related services within static and mobile settings as follows:

Mobile settings:

ABAAD organises a series of support group sessions targeting refugee women survivors of violence. Each support group hosts around 18 women and is conducted over 8 sessions by a qualified expert facilitator. The support group sessions provide a safe space for women to share the daily challenges that they faced due to displacement, acquired resilience strategies to positively cope with their new realities, in addition to working on creating informal networks among the women as means of sustainable support to each other.

Static settings:

Within this component, ABAAD provides holistic care services for women and girl survivors/at risk of violence within our already existing structures (safe temporary shelters and model centres). Additionally, we also work with men who have abusive behaviours and wish to improve their communication approaches through the provision of psychosocial support at our Men Centre in Beirut.