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MEN CENTRE              


year of establishment: 2012 


Supporting men (with abusive behaviors) in Lebanon to fulfill gender-balanced transitions in their lives while expressing their emotional self-awareness and behavioral change to combat violence through providing inclusive engendered psychotherapy and mental health sessions.

Brief Description of Programme

"I advise every man in Lebanon to consult the Men's Center before getting married, to see if he is capable of raising children. Bringing innocent people who have done nothing wrong into this world - only to fail at raising them properly - could scar them for life." – Adel, who sought treatment after years of abusing his sisters, wife, and children.

 “Even though I am aware that my psychological issues have not completely disappeared, I now know how to keep them under control. I know what things trigger my anger and how to avoid them, and if avoiding is not possible, I know what I need to do to face them pacifistically.” – Hanna, 46 years old, suffering from OCD leading him to behave violently

ABAAD launched its pioneer Men Centre in June 2012. The Centre aims to improve men’s reactions and emotions due to daily stress, and to support them in better dealing with and managing this stress. Three psycho-therapists receive men, who voluntarily seek out the Centre’s confidential and anonymous services, and offer them one-on-one psychosocial support sessions.  ABAAD has been running the Centre in a private and inconspicuous location. Through catchy public campaigns and active work towards institutional referral systems, ABAAD has, to date, reached over 347 men.



Men Centre - Brochure (عربي)



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Men Centre - Flyer (عربي)



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Working With Men || Let's Unite - English



رجال في الظل - Men in the Shadow

مستعدين نسمع حكي (الجزء الثاني) مركز الرجال Mest'edeen Nesma' Haki (Part 2) ll

"Mest'edeen Nesma' Haki"- Launch of IMC & ABAAD Men Center



ABAAD won the First Prize Wajih Ajouz Award 2017 by Samir Kassir Foundation for its Men Center Campaign

15 Dec, 2017

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